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Poster: scooter_nyc Date: Dec 20, 2004 3:12pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: How can I check if these are PD?

About the big companies making mistakes: I don't know about that. Generally, I'd suspect that they research the PD status of films pretty carefully before ordering up thousands of DVDs to sell all over the country. I'd imagine that it would be a very expensive copyright infringement case for them in the event they were wrong.

On the other hand, it's certainly possible. There are some films that are clearly PD ("Reefer Madness," the original "Little Shop of Horrors," etc.) and others that are questionable for a variety of reasons. The DVD megapacks that you provided the link for seem to contain both. And who knows? The company that produced them could already be out of business or located in a country where they might be immune from prosecution themselves. Anything's possible.

To be completely safe, I'd research using the Copyright Office listings (which tells you what IS clearly copyrighted, but not what isn't) as well as the PD broadcast suppliers lists (Retrofilm, Desert Island Media) and big PD retailers like Alpha Video. A match across the board--not listed with the Copyright office and listed with the other places--pretty much assures Public Domain status in my mind.

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Poster: moxey Date: Jun 5, 2005 11:30am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: How can I check if these are PD?

these dvd packs are made by treeline video.the quality runs from great to expert but i dont belive they might be restored.
the horror and sci-fi packs are great.
and they do have public domain films included because some of these films are here on the archive.
for example.the movie white zombie is in this pack and the quality is much better than that on the archive.sound and video.but i would not say its restored due to its flaws.
but what do i know??? lol.